Podcasts and Slides from
PSYC 401A/501A
Principles of Psychophysiology
Spring, 2008

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28 January




4 February


Foundations: Basic Electricity, Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology


11 February


Electrodermal Activity: Basics and Application to Polygraph Testing


18 February


ELECTRICITY TEST, Electrodermal Activity Continued


25 February


Cardiovascular Psychophysiology


3 March


The Skeletomotor System


10 March


The Electroencephalogram, Basics in Recording EEG, Frequency Domain Analysis and its Applications I -- Mood Disorders & Emotions


17 March


Spring Recess!!!!!!!!!!


24 March


Frequency Domain Analysis and its Applications II -- Oscillatory and "40 Hertz" Phenomena


31 March


The Polysomnograph and Issues in Sleep Research


7 April


The Event-Related Potential: Basics and Applications (CNV, early components & P300)


14 April


 More Applications of the ERP: P300 & N400; Cognitive Psychology


21 April


Functional Neuroimaging:  PET and fMRI


28 April


 Advanced Signal Processing I


5 May


 Advanced Signal Processing II